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3 Tips to Nourish Your Body for National Nutrition Month in March

March 4, 2024 – Oakville, ON – In Canada, March marks National Nutrition Month, a time to reevaluate our understanding of food and its impact on our health. We know that the amount of information (and disinformation) about nutrition can be overwhelming. When it comes right down to it, we want to feel good after we eat!

Here are 3 tips to nourish your body, enhance your daily eating and support your overall well-being.

  • Consume nutrient-dense foods

Not all calories are created equal. Try to limit consumption of highly processed foods, which offer little in way of nutritional value and are packed with additives, preservatives and unhealthy fats. Instead, opt for whole, nutrient-dense foods which are rich in vitamins, minerals and macronutrients.

Eating a clean, nutrient-rich diet is important for your overall health, especially as you age. Foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, nuts and seeds, beans and legumes, and healthy fats are all considered nutrient-dense foods. Enjoy The Chopped Leaf’s new Chicken Cobb Salad which boasts a bounty of whole, nutrient-dense ingredients, tantalizing your taste buds without sacrificing satisfaction.

  • Ensure you’re getting enough protein

Protein is an essential macronutrient that forms the building blocks of every cell in your body. It is one of the most searched terms on Google related to nutrition. Getting enough protein in your diet is an excellent way to support your overall health. Protein is essential for supporting not only muscle health but also skin, hair and nail integrity. Protein fuels your energy and supports a healthy immune system.

What are the best sources of protein? Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, lactose intolerant, have a health condition or just have personal preference, there are protein-rich options for everyone. Knowing what protein sources are best for you can help you meet your protein needs each day. To increase protein intake, focus on consuming quality protein like chicken, fish, yogurt, beans and legumes. At The Chopped Leaf you can add a protein such as grilled chicken, sirloin steak, falafel or tofu to any salad, bowl or wrap on our menu.

  • Eat fibre-rich foods

Fibre is another essential nutrient. Fibre aids in digestion, blood sugar control, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, and achieving a healthy body weight. Studies have shown that getting enough fibre can help reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and colorectal cancer.

Because fibre is so important, it is beneficial to know the best high-fibre foods for you to easily incorporate into your daily diet. Choose power fibre foods such as berries, beans, nuts and seeds, and vegetables. A great high fibre option at The Chopped Leaf is our Sante Fe Bowl with our black bean corn salsa and romaine lettuce.

So, in celebration of National Nutrition Month in March, why not give these 3 strategies a try. The Chopped Leaf can help make it easy! Find a location near you today.


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