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Ontario Springs into Healthy Eating: Fast casual food concept Chopped Leaf brings holistic Okanagan lifestyle to Ontario

Healthy eating in Ontario: Fast casual food concept Chopped Leaf brings holistic Okanagan lifestyle to Burlington and Waterloo

Fast food chain from Okanagan Valley, BC, The Chopped Leaf, is coming to Ontario. Chopped Leaf offers healthy eating options, serving fresh and natural food fast to complement Ontarians’ growing demand for real food that fit their fast-paced lives.

Chopped Leaf offers a gourmet menu served in a quick serve environment reflective of the lifestyle and needs of its very first customers: Okanagan Valley dwellers, who were typically health-conscious, active, and attuned to fresh, natural, plant-based food.

Chopped Leaf will bring healthy eating to Dundas and Appleby Plaza in Burlington and Northfield Square in Waterloo in Summer 2016.

Chopped Leaf demonstrates that fast food can contribute to healthy eating

As busy Ontarians become increasingly conscious of what ends up on their plates, a gap forms between the demand for healthy eating options and food they can eat on the go. Chopped Leaf bridges this gap.

Chopped Leaf’s menu features:

  • Fresh and natural core ingredients in all recipes
  • Build-your-own salads and wraps option, giving the consumer control over their food in accordance to their healthy eating habits
  • Only private label dressings
  • Soups made from scratch
  • Gluten-free food choices
  • Meat alternatives and nutrient-dense vegan and vegetarian food options

Feel good after you eat: creating happiness with Chopped Leaf

Chopped Leaf’s tagline is “Feel good after you eat.” The emphasis on fresh, natural, and plant-based meals with great flavour profiles aims to fuel a cycle of healthy living where healthy eating fuels regular activity, and regular activity craves healthy eating.

When asked about his philosophy surrounding Chopped Leaf, founder and brand president Blair Stevens said,

“We keep it simple and stick to our values: natural ingredients and great flavours to fuel active lifestyles while still offering delicious meals that appeal to everyone. Little to no preservatives, natural ingredients, a holistic approach to healthy eating and fitness.”

Above all, Stevens values activity and healthy eating together because he believes that,

“Healthy eating leads to healthy living, which creates happiness.”



About The Chopped Leaf

Proudly Canadian, The Chopped Leaf has now over 100 locations open and committed to open within Canada and the USA. We are a lifestyle brand that offers delicious, handcrafted meals, served fresh and quick for a better-for-you experience. Find The Chopped Leaf on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit us at The Chopped Leaf is owned and managed by Innovative Food Brands.


Jessica Strickland, Communications Coordinator



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