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Time Saving Training & Nutrition Tips

set up your training week beforehand, integrate workouts and rest into your time schedule

incorporate a shorter workout with more intensity such as sprints and/or hill workouts to maximize fitness, keep variety, and avoid plateaus

walk, run or bike to work FUEL proper nutrition and hydration will help you get the most out of your workout. It all counts: before, during and post recovery

whether it be weight resistance, functional training, yoga, pilates, or recreational sports- the ultimate way to keep training time to a minimum while performing optimally is to do specific exercises to recruit muscle fibres used in your sport

break up your workouts. Do an early morning run and use part of your lunch break for strength workouts, quick sprint sets, or stretching.

things come up, schedules change. Don’t stress out over missing a workout, if you can’t fit it in look at it as a recovery day. Remember that every day stress can impact performance as well. Put your energy towards your next planned workout.

Drink up Stay Refreshed

It’s time to embrace warm weather and spice up your workout routines by exploring the outdoors. Remember that summer heat intensifies the risk of dehydration, so take extra precautions to increase your water intake and avoid beverages containing caffeine and alcohol. By the time you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated.

Not only can dehydration lead to fatigue and poor performance, but more serious problems like heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Fast Facts for Summer & Excercise

Exercise early in the morning.
Wear light colored and loose fitting clothing to allow for good airflow and sweat evaporation.
Before exercise, drink 2 glasses of water.
During exercise, sip 8 ounces of water every 15 minutes and consider a sports drink to replace electrolytes loss and help provide carbohydrate energy to working muscles.
After exercise, continue drinking water.