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limited time chef-designed features


A new season approaches. The temperatures start to shift. You crave something new, something wholesome and nourishing. We have you covered. So, go ahead. Curl up, cozy up and warm up with these dishes inspired by all-the-things that bring us comfort.


Meet Lemon Dill-icious.

Don’t let the name fool you. The tangy dressing that coats the fresh ingredients packed into this dish is no joke. The savoury feta, refreshing taste of chickpeas and tomatoes bring you the perfect blend of comfort meets fresh.

Meet Spicy Caesar.

A nostalgic dish turned up a notch. This classic has a new taste that will surprise your pallet, but still have you reminiscing about why a Chopped Caesar salad has always been a comforting go-to.

Meet Bacon Pesto Sandwich.

Bacon and Pesto. Need we say more? We have combined some of our favourite wholesome ingredients into a delicious sandwich you will want to bring with you, everywhere.

Relish in all-things cozy and tasty.

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