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Chopped Water

Drinking water is one of the easiest things you can do for better health. Just by drinking water your body increases its’ burning of calories. For some people, drinking water can seem like a tasteless task. A good way to trick your taste buds is by drinking infused water like our Chopped Water, available at all of our locations. Here are some other reasons to drink more water.

6 Reasons to Drink More Water:

1) Water Can Help Control Calories

2) Drinking Water Helps Maintain the Balance of Body Fluids

3) Water Helps Energize Muscles

4) Water Helps Keep Skin Looking Good

5) Water Helps Your Kidneys

6) Water Helps Maintain Normal Bowel Function

So there you have it, even more reasons to drink water! An easy way for you to get your daily dose is by having a water bottle with you that’s easy to bring along.

Chopped Leaf has recently released some of our special water bottles and tumblers for sale available at select stores. A Chopped Leaf water bottle or tumbler is your easy all-access pass to unlimited refills of Chopped water, so why not pick one up today!


  • i have a chopped leaf water bottle and it leaks. how much are replacements?



    • Hi Dwight, you can take it back to the store that you purchased it from and they will replace it. What store did you get this one from?

  • what is in the chopped water? I’m sensitive to some fruit.

    • Our Chopped Water is fruit infused water, where the flavour changes every day and different types of fruits are used. You can check with the store to see what fruits are in the water on the day you visit.

  • Do you have to make a purchase to get water?

    • You can purchase the Chopped Water.

  • Hi I recently went to a store in Calgary and they don’t charge for the infused water. Then I traveled to Vancouver where they charged $1.50 for the water. Please explain.

    • Hi Julia, can you please email us at with details of your visit to the Calgary restaurant? Without a coupon, a Student Pricing Card (SPC), a GoodLife Fitness membership fob, or a reusable water bottle/tumbler, Chopped Water is a chargeable menu item.

  • I bought a tumbler do i have to make a purchase to get my free refills?

    • Hi Jared, you can get free refills without purchase.

  • I bought the Tumbler, but i was never told it was free re-fills or about this ” Without a coupon, a Student Pricing Card (SPC), a GoodLife Fitness membership fob, or a reusable water bottle/tumbler, Chopped Water is a chargeable menu item.”

    Just to clarify, Just by showing my GoodLife fob, I would have been able to get free re-fills?

    Maybe training the employees to let customers know this (at least the ones who purchase a Tumbler or water bottle) would be very helpful.

    I just wish I knew this before. I go get lunch there everyday.

    • Hi Rebecca, yes you are correct, you are entitled to free Chopped Water if you have a reusable Chopped Leaf tumbler, if you purchase a meal and show a Student Price Card or GoodLife Fitness membership fob.

      Please don’t hesitate to let us know which location is this so we can give them a nudge and a reminder about this program. You can complete the form at: Thank you!

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