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Book of Blondes Talk Health & Fitness

Recently we had the opportunity to speak with the creators of Book of Blondes, Halle and Christina, in depth about their ever evolving relationship with health and fitness. Both women have experienced great highs and lows along their journeys, but through it all have been determined to find balance and happiness with their physical, mental and emotional health.

Now they are sharing their experiences and educating others on how to be the best they can be. From work outs, athletic apparel, recipes, and great playlists Halle and Christina have something for everyone looking to join a body positive community.

1. Tell us more about you and your history with health/fitness.

We met 4 years ago at a charity fashion show where we quickly bonded over being terribly nervous about modelling bathing suits on a runway. We have both struggled with body image for as long as we can remember, (who hasn’t?) and thus began our obsessions with health and fitness. Though we haven’t always had completely healthy relationships with food and fitness, we are now feeling happier and stronger than ever. We are motivated by our families, each other, and, quite frankly- looking and feeling amazing! 

2. How has your view of health and wellness changed/evolved over time?

We’ve both had struggles with health and wellness in the past. For Halle, disordered eating habits and distorted body image began as young as elementary school. Christina’s struggle began after waking up from a Meningitis-induced coma. Needless to say, we have both been hospitalized for compromised mental and physical health, which is why our current healthy bodies and mindsets are SO precious to us! It became our mission to treat our bodies and minds properly after realizing how easily they can be compromised. We became educated in the health and wellness field, and now feel it’s our mission to help others do the same!


3. You’ve talked openly about the role mental health plays in your approach to healthy living, what would you say to other’s struggling to find balance?

SPEAK UP! Ask for help. YOU are not alone. We know what it’s like to feel alone, and we are here to be REAL about mental health. We want our brand to embrace openness and honesty. We want to create a team of kind, honest, HEALTHY, people.

4. What trends do you foresee in the health and wellness category?

We see people becoming more vocal with their fitness journeys on social media, which is great! We also think supplements will possibly become more plant based and cannabis companies will start marketing more to the fitness industry. 

5. What do you think are the biggest misconceptions about focusing on wellness?

It is not selfish to focus on yourself. That is one thing people need to start realizing. It is OKAY to take an hour to go to your favourite yoga class. It is completely fine to invest in a nice body wash and organic produce. TREAT YOURSELF! You will never regret investing in your happiness. 


6. What (in your opinion) is the current “body culture” and how do you think it’s shaping the way people see themselves?

We actually see a lot of positive body culture because we surround ourselves with like-minded people, and try to only follow body-positive accounts. We think it’s pretty cool how confident women have become in showing some skin. However, we hope the current body positive movement on social media doesn’t start sending the wrong message to our younger generation of girls. We are loving the amount of confident role models showing their love for themselves online, and hope the current body culture keeps moving in a positive direction! 

7. You’ve said you don’t believe in diets, what’s your approach to tracking nutritious eating? 

Though we are “not your basic blondes”, we like to stick to the basics when it comes to eating. Think about what you were taught from the beginning; Eat healthy food. Drink Water. Move Your Body. Of course, it’s not always this simple, and we use apps like “myfitnesspal” to track our macros when were feeling strict (ie preparing for trip or show). We also have days where we eat whatever we want, and that’s what saves us. It’s important to feel free when it comes to your diet and fitness regime, not trapped by it.

8. What’s your favourite healthy meal and what’s your favourite indulgence? 

Halle: a HUGE salad bowl with tons of goodies and chicken for my healthy meal…and ICE CREAM + PIZZA + NUGGETS FOREVER 

Christina: a Huge salad with tofu and tons of veggies or stuffed peppers just full of rice and veggies, my favourite indulgence is a Burger and fries am not a huge sweet person but when craving it I love sour gummy’s and dark chocolate. 


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