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Be a Holiday Host Hero: How to Cater Holiday Dinners with Less Stress

The Holiday season is here! Holiday season signals cold weather, family traditions, and quality time. It can also mean lots of family dinners to attend and host.

With so many festivities, presents, and other commitments on the go, it can be challenging to prepare for a Holiday dinner. Here are tips on how to celebrate with less stress.


Be a Holiday Host Hero with these tips:


  • Throw a potluck party. Prepping a variety of appetizers or cooking several entrées can be a lot for one person or family to prepare. Make it a potluck party and invite your guests to pitch something to the feast.Not only will this lessen the burden on one household to prepare the meal, the combined effort and array of dishes can make the affair even more intimate. Each guest can share their culinary skills or a new dish that other guests may have never tried otherwise! A catering bowl of a signature salad, like the Popeye, equals 3 full-size salads. Order two bowls and you’ve got a hefty green addition to a well-rounded meal.


  • Host a themed party. A themed party offers focus, dictating the decorations, menu, and activities that will be available at your party. With a theme in mind, you can cut out unnecessary food and drink items as well as decorations – meaning less stress and money spent!A themed party is particularly valuable for families with children. Choose a kid-friendly theme and build on it with activities. For instance, an arts and crafts table for kids would a perfect addition to your party that’s decorated with DIY paper snowflakes!
    Speaking of Do-It-Yourself crafts, Chopped Leaf’s DIY menu option is something you can explore to fit the theme, too.


  • Order catering from Chopped Leaf. Dedicate more of your time to family and friends, and less on chopping and mixing. Chopped Leaf offers catering so your whole party can enjoy fresh food and delicious flavours.Enjoy platters of wraps, salads, and bowls made of fresh ingredients and simple, flavourful recipes. Let us cater to you and your guests! Visit to learn more about our catering options.


Become a Holiday Host Hero: make memories with family and friends – inside and outside of the kitchen.




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