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Are You Experiencing School Lunch Exhaustion?

Back to school can be a lot like new years, we make (or have made) promises to ourselves, our teachers, and our kids that all aim to make this year different than the last. The boiler plate resolutions usually include “no more procrastinating on homework”, “try out for the team”, and “get more rest” but there’s one that stands out above all the rest; “pack a healthy lunch”.

While all of those goals are crafted with good intentions, it can be hard to keep up. With the first month of school about to end, it’s usually right about now that willpower begins to waiver. The early morning stress that so often accompanies weekdays can make it easy for those healthy home made lunches to fall by the wayside and before you know it, pre-packaged snacks and sugary drinks begin to sneak back into your child’s (and perhaps your own) Thomas The Tank Engine lunch box and Spider Man thermos.

That’s where we come in. The Chopped Leaf knows it’s difficult to stay on top of healthy eating (especially when it’s competing directly with that snooze button) so we wanted to step in and make balanced and healthy meals easy. The Chopped Leaf delivers health conscious options to local schools educating students on the importance of a balanced lifestyle and healthy eating.

To learn more about the program or how your school can get involved reach out to your local Chopped Leaf!

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