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A velvety texture that’s full of flavour

A velvety texture that’s full of flavour, The Chopped Leaf’s exclusive signature chipotle ranch dressing takes the title of “dressing of the month”.

The Chopped Leaf took their classic signature ranch dressing and blended it with a creamy chipotle and chili kick. If you love the classic and enjoy a hit of spice, then this has your name written all over it.

We have all tried the typical bottled ranch, and perhaps, it even brings back nostalgic memories. The ideal condiment for those crunchy carrot sticks, or a mild yet perfect coating for your crispy chicken wings. Moral of the story; we’ve all had ranch. And whether you loved it or grew to hate it, The Chopped Leaf chipotle ranch might make you fall back in-love.

The chipotle ranch is paired perfectly with the no. 5 bowl to compliment the smoky, bold flavours. But, they want to let you in on a secret.

One of the brand’s favourite parts about being innovative as they develop their recipes, ingredients and dishes, is the opportunity to create dressings and sauces that cannot be found anywhere else, and be used in a variety of tasty ways. And with that, The Chopped Leaf gives us inspiration for dinner plans on the days that follow. Boring week-night dinner, who?

Next time you’re choosing a fresh, delicious option from one of their restaurants, opt for an extra chipotle ranch dressing on the side to keep handy in your fridge to repurpose. Drizzle it over top of your roasted potatoes to replace the typical sour cream. If you’ve hopped on the ‘all-things-cauliflower’ craze, using a chipotle ranch as either a dip or a drizzle can give the dish the zest it needs. Or, keep it simple – use it as a sauce to pour over your favourite protein such as fish, tofu or chicken.

Chipotle ranch continues to steal hearts of customers simply because it takes us all back. We love ranch, but we love Chopped Leaf’s exclusive signature chipotle ranch more.


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